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ocean bay club resort

Ocean Bay Club Resort
North Myrtle Beach
Large 4BR, 3BA Condo
Direct Ocean-Front, Great Views
Lots of Amenities
1/13th Interest, Use 4 Wks / yr

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Welcome to BeachBuddiesFourEver.com. We represent a concept that offers co-ownership in resort properties located in the Carolinas.


We are truly excited about finally having a website to talk about and display the Beach Buddies properties. Maybe we can stop chopping down so many trees to make paper. Bear in mind that the site will continue to be a “work in process” for a while. We will be adding missing information as available, but thought you would benefit by having the site beginning to come to life.


As you can see, we currently have a very good inventory to choose from. We have interests available both on the coast and in the mountains. You will also notice that we have two properties where the groups are just being formed and others that are in established groups


To further take advantage of the website, we may expand it to make it more service oriented to current co-owners to allow them to arrange trades, etc. with other owners.